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Restore, Regenerate.

Wound Pack
30 day supply

Welcome to Healing Power Labs
​Healing Power Labs specializes in the latest nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. Each of our complete supplement formulas have a unique purpose and aid in rapid healing. Through supplementation our products provide a solution to restore balance within the nutrient lacking Western diet. Our blends deliver therapeutic amounts of vitamins, minerals and growth factors essential to healing. In addition, our packs will boost the immune system, aid in digestion, and fight the imbalances caused by prescription drugs.

Finally healthcare professionals can provide customized supplement packs and other products that are tailored for their patients. Our easy to take packs help physicians and nurses care for the whole patient, not just the hole in the patient. The growth power of our formulas is not only limited to helping patients with chronic and acute wounds, our packs also benefit diabetics and pre and post operative patients. Our power packs make patient compliance achievable. We remove the need to count pills, instead just grab a pack and go!

Our healing nutrients not only benefit patients, athletes are also taking packs to help speed recovery from injury and intense training. Runners, cyclists, cross-fitters, bodybuilders, P90x participants all benefit from the healing power of our packs. Weight control is another benefit achieved through our packs, specifically our cheat pack which is designed to assist in the "on-the-go", "fast-food" lifestyle.

Please explore our site if you would like to learn more about the best daily supplements and our other products and how they work. Visit our store and get on your way to health and healing.
​Interested in Weight Loss options? Try Weight Loss Advanced with a Green Coffee Bean Complex.


​Innovative and convenient health solutions through supplementation.
​Wounds Healed?
Excellent! Continue to nourish your body with our new DAILY Pack.
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